New valuable trainings for the OPTIM PM employees

OPTIM PROJECT MANAGEMENT constantly focuses on its employees and their career path. Recently, 4 of our employees (Alexandra Popa, Ciprian Musteata, Oana Iagaru and George Pricop) have undertaken an extensive course on Environmental and Waste Responsibility Training as a consequence of the training and auditing we have had for SHEMS, H&S and Environmental. They have now been certified and have the skills to ensure progresses to meet the highest standards.

As far as environmental training is concerned, the employees are prepared to cope with the legal requirements regarding environmental protection, work health and safety, as well as emergency situations. After receiving their diploma they can also comply with the quality procedures and coordinate the training process regarding the environment. Besides, the employees are able to elaborate the monitoring program of environmental aspects and then monitor it, and also supervise the preparation for emergency situations. They can perform the internal audit and the documentation for environmental management. As a finish line of the environmental activities, our employees also elaborate specific reports over the work that have been done.

As waste responsible experts, the employees are now able to coordinate and monitor the activities regarding the waste management. They are also prepared to elaborate the documents of waste management depending on the specific activity of the organization. In the end, they elaborate the specific reports about waste management.

With these two occasions to achieve new skills, OPTIM PM employees are now trained to take care of the environment and direct all the work and actions to protecting the environment and bringing it cleaner and greener every day.