Selective Collection with Recicleta


Do you know that it takes 17 trees and 1,500 litres of oil to produce one ton of paper?!  Or that producing recycling paper creates 74% less air pollution and 35% less water pollution than producing paper from virgin fibres?

Companies everywhere are ramping up efforts to go green, but sustainability starts with their employees.

OPTIM PM started couple of years ago the selective collection process, and under the social entrepreneurship programme Recicleta – which is an initiative of the ViitorPlus Association – managed to recycle in 2015, 170 kg of paper and 85 kg of cardboard.

This initiative had a positive impact on the environment, it saved almost 4 trees from cutting – cutting down carbon-absorbing trees contributes to global warming, soil erosion, habitat destruction, and other environmental problems, approx. 1.91 tons of CO2 are going to be absorbed in 50 years by the trees saved from cutting, and approx. 0.23 tons of CO2 will no longer be emitted by the waste, because it is recycled instead of deposited.

The initiative had also a positive impact by sustaining 2 working jobs for people from vulnerable social groups, who are driving cargo tricycles.

We would like to confirm our support to Recicleta programme, and to ensure that we will continue to contribute towards the environmental cause.