Friends don’t let their friends fight alone

Friends don’t let their friends fight alone

“For 30 years we fulfil wishes” – they say – and those wishes are not the ones that most of us usually have. Hospice Casa Sperantei changes the world for patients fighting a terminal illness. The largest medical foundation in Romania turns 30 this year and here’s what they succeeded in changing so far:

  • 45,000 adult patients and children received free and unconditional medical care, social support, psychological and spiritual counselling, together with over 100,000 relatives;
  • they opened the way for palliation in Romania and in South-Eastern Europe;
  • in their two hospitals in Brasov and Bucharest, they take care of patients from 34 counties;
  • they deal with the training of palliative care specialists in our country and nearby – more than 32,000 palliative care specialists have been trained by the Hospice teams.

Optim Project Management is one of the friends who supported Hospice Casa Sperantei for the reconstruction of the first socio-medical centre in Romania destined exclusively for children suffering from a life-limiting illness and their families. We offered Project Management, Procurement and Site Inspection pro-bono services, for the consolidation, restoration and reconversion of a historical manor in Adunatii Copaceni into a socio-medical centre: Restauration of the historical mansion for Hospice Casa Sperantei – OptimPM.

These are the facts; the feelings involved are even more overwhelming. You could say we are the ones who help them, but when you read their stories on the foundation’s website, you realize this is not the whole truth. “Don’t give up as long as there is a shadow of hope”, “the world is a place worth fighting for”, “let’s be good and do good” are such profound lessons they share with anybody who’s wise enough to take some time and read their stories. It’s true these are not ordinary stories and you absolutely cannot remain the same after reading them; so, don’t! Just be grateful for another lesson learnt. And remember their words whenever you think you have a bad day, when traffic is your biggest enemy or your plans are stagnating. Just build your own house of hope. And build it with Passion!

Optim Project Management is a friend of Hospice Casa Sperantei and our permanent collaboration is our way of applying an important fact they teach – that “friends don’t let their friends fight alone”.

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