Leadership in Project Management

Leadership in Project Management

Projects are delivered through people, that’s why people management is so important in project management, and – in order to succeed as a leader – you need to find the right balance between the needs of your team and their values, life experiences, and backgrounds. We believe that the most important ingredient in Project Management – and yes, we speak from our own experience at Optim Project Management – remains the personal example of the leader. When facts speak for themselves, they become the most powerful fuel for success.

Building relationships is one of the main tasks of our leaders because we know that, when you work collaboratively and create a strong relationship between your team and the client, the best results happen. It’s a fact that has been proven by our fourteen years of experience in the construction industry.

We focus on requirements, and our communication with the client leaves no place for ambiguity. Our project management leaders ensure there is no confusion in client needs so that no waste of time and resources affects project delivery. It is the role of leadership to manage every task assigned to the different teams involved, as the project can only be completed if they all work together. Changes during project progression are inevitable, so project leaders need to ensure flexibility and consider any beneficial change that would guarantee project success. They need to be team players, act as project team members and participate in all processes.

Leaders need a range of competencies to be effective in project management. They need high emotional intelligence, to be able to see the bigger picture and not lose sight of the project goal, to remain calm and positive in the most difficult situations, encourage and motivate team members, as well. They have to create a positive work environment and communicate clear goals. To be aware and respectful of cultural norms. To value people and processes, as well. To learn how to inspire their teams, to be able to lead them to get the best results.

What our leaders do is: grow successful teams, on-budget implementation of projects, and generate satisfied clients. Leadership in project management is a complex role, and We build with Passion! is much more than a statement for us; it is what we really do here, at Optim Project Management.

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