People are the core of Project Management

People are the core of Project Management

Just think about it! Sometimes a movie can prove itself almost as good as the book you liked so much. Don’t you think? Or other times a study can reflect exactly your own opinion about a certain situation. We have been an active part of project management industry for 13 years now and we are 100% sure that people make a project successful.

Human factor skills of project managers derived from the analysis of the project management processes’ – is the study emphasizing that processes and objectives are important, but people act as the core of project management. Even if it’s not as measurable as other factors, like time, cost or scope of management, human factor is the most relevant of all. And we, as human beings, cannot be otherwise than proud of this conclusion.

If you wonder what project management is about, here is another study that can help you: The psychological contract and project management as a core competence of the organization’. Kind of a modern superhero portrait:

Matching those skills to our projects is a whole new task itself for our people. What matters the most is that, at the end of the day, humans show their emotions while working on several projects with several people at one time. Our project managers have to understand emotions and communicate in a way that there is mutual understanding of each other’s emotional well-being. They have to initiate, plan, execute, control and close a project using their abilities and behaviour at their best, with different team-related challenges during each project’s lifecycle.

And they always succeed in doing all these each time, in every project they are involved. Because there is one more ingredient, they all use – and this is Passion. It helps them overcome any obstacle they might encounter, start from a vision and transform it into a building that will last for generations, tell their children a beautiful story then show them how they made it come to life.

Passion is our superpower, here, at Optim PM, and people are the core of our Project Management.

Technology will always keep evolving and develop new methods by which projects are completed. Projects will keep changing in terms of their nature and scope. What doesn’t change is human factor. Uncompromising honesty and fairness, taking responsibility and accountability for both our words and actions, consideration of others and a permanent quest for knowledge and excellence are just a few examples of those invariable elements we build on.

And We build with Passion!

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