The office in 2028: a smarter way to work

The office in 2028: a smarter way to work

WiredScore in partnership with Opinium Research conducted a survey in US and Canada and spoke with 1,000 real estate decision-makers to determine the kind of spaces they and their employees want to be working in over the course of the next five years.

If location and price were the key factors in terms of workspaces, the global pandemic made us realize our dependence on technology to keep us connected. Digital connectivity moves up the occupiers’ wish list and they are willing to spend more money on leasing spaces that are appropriate for the demands of their workforce.

  • 87% of real estate decision-makers agree that sound digital infrastructure and smart technology are now in their top five requirements when looking for office space.
  • 77% stated that they would terminate their lease if they struggled with connectivity.
  • 91% of respondents said they would consider spending an average of 4.5% more to work in a smart-enabled office.
  • A staggering 89% of respondents said that if their office internet connectivity was cut off, their company would not be able to work at all (37%), or could only complete some tasks at a lower rate of efficiency (52%). Ultimately, this could lead to an estimated financial loss of almost $3 million a year.
  • 80% believe that employees are more likely to attend an office that has smart technology in favour of working from home. For the IT and financial services, this number was a lot higher (89%, respectively 87%), as they depend heavily on up-to-date technology to perform daily tasks.
  • 91% of decision-makers think it is important to provide a smart-enabled office for their workforce.
  • 75% believe that individual employees are more productive when working in the office, compared to 15% who think they are more productive when working from home.

The conclusion is simple: occupiers want high-quality office space in which they can expect a seamless experience enabled by the technology the building has in place. Ensuring employees have a positive experience when they are in the office is more important than ever, especially if they are splitting their time between multiple working locations.

Smart technology will continue to play a vital role and, looking ahead, working in smart offices is set to increase with over half, 56% predicting they will work in an advanced smart office in five years’ time.

  • 87% state that is more important to have a smart-enabled office now than before. This figure was highest (90%) among larger businesses of 500+ people
  • 77% stated that they would terminate their lease if they struggled with connectivity.

Landlords should take note of this flight to technologically advanced real estate and act accordingly, to attract and retain occupiers in this competitive landscape. Our certified assessors at Optim Project Management provide assistance to achieve the desired level of WiredScore certification (Certified, Silver, Gold, Platinum) for your building, whether it’s commercial or residential, an occupied building or a development.

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