Impressive artwork created by OPTIM PM Team


On 25th of July 2015, Optim Project Management held the annual Teambuilding at Rotenberg Winery (Ceptura de Jos).

The main focus of the teambuilding was the collaboration and communication of teams for creating a big interconnected multi-canvas artwork, reflecting our team’s goals & values and adding details of the most relevant fields, where Optim is providing services at the moment.

The importance of teamwork, cooperation and communication was reinforced through the process of painting the artistic masterpiece in a very relaxed atmosphere.

The teambuilding commenced with individuals divided into small teams, where each team was responsible for painting one canvas and making up in the end from all the canvas, the final big artwork.

The teams realized since the beginning that for the overall artwork to be successful, they need to cooperate with other teams rather than compete. They all agreed in the end that the final result was a success, they had a lot of fun and they all learnt to put their passion into painting, in the addition of building passionately, as they do every day.

To celebrate that success, the team visited afterwards the Rotenberg Winery, where they tasted 4 wine varieties.