Building with style – lofts and their special charm

Building with style – lofts and their special charm

It all started with a vision. A fresh vision for living spaces. Optim Project Management was chosen to provide Tendering, Project & Cost Management, Site Inspection, Health & Safety Coordination, and the development of the new Residential Project located in Bucharest, on Petru Rares Street began.

The building will have 12 levels, of which two underground, used for car parking, and 10 above-ground levels, organized as follows: a high ground floor that will house mainly public functions (trade, services etc.) and 9 floors intended for residential functions. Spacious living areas, ample natural lighting and vast personal spaces are the defining characteristics of the 69 apartments (11 studios; 2 rooms – 17; 2 rooms duplex – 6; 3 rooms – 11; 4 rooms – 14; 4 rooms duplex – 6; 5 rooms – 4). A personal living with charm and style, this is what a loft apartment offers and, although it originated in New York in the 1940s, it became a phenomenon and continues to amaze the real estate world today.

The floors intended for residential use are distinguished by the successive withdrawals that determine a different architectural configuration from one floor to another, and a wide range of housing typologies, based on a mix of apartments that vary from studios to 4 and 5-room apartments, organized on one or two floors, the last two levels of the building being intended exclusively for luxury duplex apartments.

“A rare feature among the residential projects in Romania, which makes this complex truly special, is the concept of common spaces. On each level, the apartments will be accessed from an exterior hallway that integrates both public pedestrian circulation and part of the private terraces of the apartments. Built-in planters will be placed on the spaces obtained through the successive retreats of the architectural volume, which will contribute to the specific design of the building. The particular architectural configuration and special design of the project, which includes atypical solutions and details are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of the project, as well.” – Corina Nicolae, Architect

Our team of specialists established and managed procedures for negotiations of tenders and assisted with the closure of all relevant contracts. We provide cost planning, forecasting, monitoring and reporting of the project budget, organize and manage resources, monitor the contractors on-site to meet the legal requirements and to perform the constructions works in a safe and sustainable environment.

“Our role, as consultants, is to coordinate all the execution processes with the design ones and to check and signal any inconsistencies or mismatches that may appear, to optimize the proposed solutions without reducing the quality of the works and finally to monitor the construction properly, until the final reception of the works.” – Stelian Voicu, Project Manager

We are glad that Optim Project Management is able to put its signature on another special project, one that not only belongs to a trend on our market – that of living in a loft – but with an amazing look of a green centrepiece in the landscape of Bucharest.

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