Hej! You’ve got news from IKEA Romania and Optim Project Management

Hej! You’ve got news from IKEA Romania and Optim Project Management

The third IKEA store in Romania has just been inaugurated in Timisoara and wears the signature of Optim Project Management, in terms of Technical Due Diligence, Project Management, Design Management, Tendering, Procurement, Cost Management, Site Inspection and Health & Safety Coordination services.

Built on a land surface of 85,000 sqm, with a GBA of 28,330 sqm and a footprint of 18,600 sqm, the project – which includes a parking area for 754 cars and infrastructure created for a future extension of up to 150 electrical charging stations, as well as bio-diversity green area – started in Q4 2021 and the reception with the authorities had been just completed.

The first building in Romania with a Certified PIR roof thermal insulation of 20 centimetres (for a better energy efficiency) will function on renewable energy and is equipped with off-grid 1,800 pcs photovoltaic panels on the roof, generating 700 kW of electrical power. The main electrical energy supply is made of two separate sources via an underground connection, light tubes on the roof bringing natural light inside the office area. The building is not connected to the gas network. Cooling, heating and ventilation are insured by geothermal system WSHP (water source heat pumps), ASHP (air source heat pumps) and AHU (air handling units) on the roof. The roundabout access was developed by IKEA, as well as the store water and sewage connection. Rainwater is stored in underground tanks and discharged into the ANIF collector channel in a controlled manner.

The biggest revolving access doors in Romania (7.3m in diameter) welcome IKEA clients into a perfectly safe area which includes: full firefighting installation with diesel pumps, interior and exterior sprinklers and hydrants; smoke hatches on the roof that serve also for daily ventilation; huge façade dampers for air intake; and fire escape underground tunnels.

Our management team worked diligently to complete the project, with high quality expectation, by creating good communication and cooperation between all the key stakeholders, by using our expertise to bring additional knowledge and experience and by establishing and monitoring high-quality standards for construction.

“It’s been a challenging project, and the challenges were different from those we’ve faced before, mainly because this period of time has been extremely hard. Covid situation, war in Ukraine, semiconductors global crisis, lack of predictability in terms of materials and equipment deliveries, human resources crisis, price increase, both for materials and labour, as well as fuel price increase – we’ve been able to overcome all, due to our team of professionals and to IKEA Romania, who proved once more a reliable partner in all the decisions we’ve had to make together.” – Daniel Dura, Project Manager.

Our extensive experience with IKEA Romania includes the other two stores, located in Bucharest: IKEA Pallady (2017-2019) – with Project Management, Design Management, Tendering & Procurement, Cost Management, Site Inspection, Health & Safety Coordination services and IKEA Baneasa (2021-2023) – where we provided assistance in achieving the IKEA standards of energy consumption and services of General Design (architecture, structure, MEP) and technical support for HVAC improvements in goods receiving area, manual handling and preparation for online orders, and chillers refurbishment by replacing them with air to water heating pumps.

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