Increasing demand for project management services from residential developers

Increasing demand for project management services from residential developers

With the economy on a positive trend and growing incomes, demand for modern living spaces is growing and we are witnessing the opening of new residential construction sites.

“In the first semester of 2017 we have noticed an increasing number of requests for project management and adjacent services, such as: cost management, site inspection (dirigentie de santier) and health & safety monitoring from residential developers”, said David Evans, General Manager of Optim PM.

Optim PM works with banks for their residential portfolio, as well as with private investors for large residential schemes.

The company has delivered two projects for the real estate arm of Greek-based Alpha Bank in the first part of this year. The first residential compound delivered was Poseidon Residence, a building with 156 apartments, totaling a gross surface of 25,000 sq. m. The project is located near Plumbuita lake, in Colentina neighborhood and you can read more details here.

The second project finalized for Alpha Bank Real Estate Services was Green Vista, a block of 50 apartments in Pipera. You can see here the complete list of services the company assured for this residential compound.

One of the latest appointments in the residential sector is for ISHO Living, part of the mixed-use project Mulberry Development is building in Timisoara’s city center, near Bega river. This is a large scheme, totaling 1,200 apartments, 2,100 parking lots, a park and green spaces of 7,500 sqm that is due to be developed in several stages. Read more about this complex real estate project and the services offered by Optim PM in our portfolio section.

“In the years following the real estate downturn, most of our projects were commercial: office buildings and shopping malls, but we are happy to see the coming back of the residential sector. Our Project Management team has a wide range of skills, an extensive knowledge in construction and the right abilities to manage diverse and complex residential projects. We have great opportunities today to increase our residential portfolio.” said Mihaela Allardin, Business Development Manager with Optim PM.

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