Optim PM delivers HOSPICE Adunatii Copaceni – 1st Phase

Optim PM delivers HOSPICE Adunatii Copaceni – 1st Phase

Friday 21st September 2018 was a special day as Optim Project Management proudly participated at the inauguration of the first socio-medical center in Romania exclusively for children with incurable diseases – HOSPICE Adunatii Copaceni.

Located in a picturesque area, the manor house was left in ruins for more than 20 years and Optim PM successfully assisted HOSPICE with their knowledge and experience in Project Management, Procurement and Site Inspection Services during the whole consolidation, restauration and reconversion. Today the manor houses an unit consisting of 12 beds, providing palliative care for children.

The construction works started in April 2017 and finished in March 2018, and during this time the project proved to be very chalenging and with a high complexity, more than it was previously anticipated.

The whole back yard was redesigned through clever landscape design focusing on water collection to push the rain water away from the building; the consolidation had to be done on the inside of the building as the façade was not allowed to be modified because the manor house is classed as an historical monument; the super structure was done by introducing a full system of concrete beams and reinforced concrete torcret (shotcrete) on all the walls.

The biggest challenge throughout the construction works was the restoration of the wooden items which were identified by the Ministry of Culture as a “must to be kept and restored”, example items being the wind fang entrance, the staircase to 1st floor and all of the groundfloor ceiling.

Optim PM through its collaborators succeed in gathering donations of over €50,000 (also consisting of a 120m water well, GSM antenna pole, finishing materials, etc.) excluding the man power donation.

David Evans, OPM’s General Manager, said:

“It has been a very rewarding project to work on and we are proud of the result – bringing back to life the old manor and being able to help the children in need and their families. I particularly would like to thank Optim PM team for sharing their experience and for their continuous involvement during the whole project and we look forward to start the subsequent phase of the project.”

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