Optim Project Management Leads the Revival of Frigoglass Factory in Timisoara

Optim Project Management Leads the Revival of Frigoglass Factory in Timisoara

Today, Frigoglass, a leader in the production of commercial refrigeration solutions, formally celebrated the opening of its new factory in Timisoara. In this ambitious project, Optim Project Management, a renowned company with expertise in design, construction, and project management, assumed a key role, managing a wide range of services from concept and construction to live operation.

The grand reopening of the factory, which is taking place today, illustrates the commitment of the company to its employees, clients, and the Timisoara community. Following a devastating fire that ravaged the previous facility in 2021, Frigoglass embarked on a mission to rebuild the production site. The task of realizing this vision was given to Optim Project Management due to its extensive experience and knowledge in design, construction, and project management – General Design, Permitting Tendering, Project Management, Cost Management, Health & Safety Coordination, and Site Inspection were all included in their range of services.

A state-of-the-art 28,000 sqm GBA factory that replaces the previous facility and sets new standards for productivity, sustainability, and product quality is the end result of this cooperative effort. This accomplishment demonstrates Frigoglass’ resilience and Optim Project Management’s capability to successfully deliver complex projects successfully.

David Evans, CEO of Optim Project Management, expressed his company’s pride in contributing to the rebirth of the Frigoglass factory, saying,

“We are profoundly honoured to have been a part of this remarkable journey alongside Frigoglass. Our team put in a lot of effort to make sure the new factory not only met but also exceeded expectations. We are certain that this facility will be crucial to Frigoglass’s continued success and make a substantial contribution to the local economy”

Frigoglass’s commitment to Timisoara is clearly evident through the creation of job opportunities and the revitalization of the local industrial landscape. The company envisions this factory as a representation of progress and hope, and Optim Project Management takes great pride in its significant contribution to this project.

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