Recycling – A Lifestyle for Optim Project Management

Recycling – A Lifestyle for Optim Project Management

Everyone should be doing their bit to help protect the environment! Optim Project Management takes recycling within the company very seriously and is continuing to be involved in various recycling campaigns.

One campaign that Optim PM works very closely with is “Recicleta”, a social entrepreneurial initiative of ViitorPlus NGO. Each year since 2012 we continue to support their programme, helping as much as we can to contribute towards protecting the environment.

“Last year, Optim PM have contributed to a more friendly city, by recycling 229 kg of waste paper which is the equivalent of saving 3 trees from being cut. Recycling has become part of our staff’s culture and we embrace the waste collection in order to help taking care of the environment and breathe a cleaner air.”,

Manuela Savu, HR Manager of Optim PM said.

If you want to get involved and help sustain this initiative, you can find more information here.

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