The employees of Optim PM recycled 402 kg of paper waste in 2016

The employees of Optim PM recycled 402 kg of paper waste in 2016

Optim Project Management sustains Recicleta, a social entrepreneurial initiative of ViitorPlus NGO, and participated in 2016 by helping this program to recycle 402 kg of paper waste.

The positive impact of this selective waste collection on the environment translates into:

  • Saving six trees from being cut (a ton of recycled paper saves 15 mature trees from being cut)
  • Absorbing around 201 kg of CO2 in 50 years by the saved trees.
  • Around 366 kg of CO2 weren’t produced, due to the waste that didn’t go to the landfill and instead, was recycled.
  • Sustaining the cargo-tricycle transportation and saving this way 2,000 kg of CO2.
  • Sustaining two workplaces for people in difficulties that were employed to run the cargo-tricycles.

Optim Project Management confirm their continuous support to Recicleta programme and their contribution towards the environmental cause.

Recicleta is an initiative of ViitorPlus NGO that was established in 2009. It is the only selective waste collection service for institutions which generate small paper waste (25-150 kg). It works by collecting the paper waste with a non-pollutant transportation means, the cargo-tricycles, and employing people in difficulties that run the cargo-tricycles. If you want to get involved and sustain this initiative, you can redirect 2% of the income tax for this NGO. Find out more on the Recicleta website –

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