Hospice Casa Sperantei

Client: HOSPICE Casa Sperantei

Services: Project Management, Procurement, Site Inspection

Optim Project Management will offer pro-bono services for the restauration of the historical property of HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Foundation, in Adunatii Copaceni, Giurgiu.

According to David Evans, General Manager: “We, at Optim, have always appreciated the activity of HOSPICE Casa Sperantei and their involvement with terminally ill children. We are honored to assist with our knowledge and experience in Construction Management and we are very delighted to have a direct involvement in the Hospice’s plans”.

The mansion was built at the end of 19th century on the domain property of the Florescu family. The old mansion, now property of HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Foundation, will be consolidated and restored to house terminally ill children. The mansion shall offer a total of 780 sqm of accommodation and support spaces and is set in a plot of 17,000 sqm.

April 2017