Medicover Maternity Clinic

Client: Medicover Romania
Service: Project Management

Project Details: The project consisted of the fit out and upgrading of an existing office building into a general private hospital with a GBA of 6,000 sqm (+7F / -1B) with a total of 55 beds (4 ICU beds), 3 operating rooms (2 beds pre-OP and 2 beds post-OP) and 2 birthing rooms. The general layout of the specialties is as follows: general specialties for adults and children, general surgery, obstetrics – neonatology, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, CT scan, MRI, and administrative area. Optim Project Management managed the demolition, fit-out process and commissioning on behalf of Medicover, making sure that the tight programme, the budget and the high quality standards were met. The hospital is fully operational since March 2011.