Philip Morris – factory extension

Client: Philip Morris Romania

Services: General Design, Permitting, Construction Management, Cost Management, Site Inspection (Dirigentie de Santier), Health & Safety Coordination

Project details: Philip Morris Romania has recently appointed Optim PM as Construction Management and Design Services provider for transforming its Otopeni factory into one that produces exclusively HEETS™ for its heat-not-burn product IQOS™.
Construction works are scheduled in two phases between 2017 and 2019. The first phase comprises a new building, for which Optim PM will assure Construction Management, Cost Management, Site Inspection (Dirigentie de Santier) and Health & Safety coordination. For the second phase – during which an extension will be built – Optim PM will also provide, along the services mentioned before, Design & Permitting services.
Philip Morris has previously announced in a press release that it will invest up to 490 million EUR in the Otopeni factory. The investment will create about 300 additional jobs at the Romanian facility, over the following two years. Most of the production output will serve international markets.


August 2017