St. Constantin Hospital

Client: Ropharma
Services: Project Management, Cost Management

Project Details: Ropharma has recently assigned Optim Project Management to supervise re-conversion works of an old industrial building from Brasov in a new private hospital.
The new medical unit, with an area of 10,100 sqm spread on GF + 3F, will have a total number of 143 beds (79 for continuous hospitalization, 18 beds for intensive care and another 46 for day hospitalization) and a large area for outpatients as well.
The hospital will provide as main core treatment for oncological disease, transplant and various surgical procedures such as: urology, general surgery, vascular surgery, cardiology & angiography procedures, pediatric surgery, orthopaedics & traumatology, thoracic surgery, plastic surgery & reconstructive micro-surgery, gastroenterology, gynaecology, ENT, radiology (CT scan, MRI, X-Ray, mammography) etc.
Optim PM will provide Project Management and Cost Management services and the scheduled delivery date is June 2018.

August 2017