Photovoltaic Power Plant – 8.749 MW

Optim Project Management performed a photovoltaic technical due diligence on behalf of Millennium – OTP Bank for a photovoltaic power plant located in Isaccea – Tulcea County with a total installed capacity of 8.749 MW, owned by SC RA-RA PARC.

Optim remarks that the estimated energy generation and the production of the Isaceea power plant are aligned.
The Isaccea 8.749 MW Photovoltaic plant has been designed following a well-balanced structure typical of large sized ground based PV plants being a standardized solution.

Components chosen are among the best available in the international PV plant market and are fully compliant with EU rules (CE mark) and technical codes (IEC).
The selected components are well known and tested and do not present any peculiar technological risk due to new or untested designs.
On a documental basis, yield energy estimation, site survey and technical analysis, no critical issues of the photovoltaic plant have been identified.