Claims management & dispute resolution

We provide specialized services for identifying, controlling and resolving construction claims.

We use our extensive expertise to implement a dispute avoidance strategy focused on a cost and time efficient management of construction claims.

Real Times Claims Management

We advise the client throughout the entire life-cycle of a project with regards to the observance of the construction agreements and timely identification of potential claims. We assist the clients during the entire claim process from a commercial point of view starting from preparation of relevant notices of claims and substantiation thereof, including representation of the clients during consultation meetings.

Claims assessment & Dispute prevention

We provide immediate and calculated commercial response for the claims filed by the contractors and assist the parties during the negotiation process with the aim to achieve an amicable settlement and avoid any disputes to crystallize.

Claims Due Diligence Reports

We provide 360˚ analysis of detailed claims issued by the contractor, which consists of assessing all elements pertaining to the detailed claim: merits, delay analysis and quantum sought. The findings of such investigation are enclosed within a detailed Due Diligence Report.

Dispute Resolution

We assist the clients during contractual preliminary dispute resolution procedures (DABs and DAABs) and during formal litigation procedures such as Court Actions and Arbitration.