Green Certification

BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s most widely used means of independently reviewing, improving and ‘labelling’ the environmental performance of buildings. Since its launch in 1990, BREEAM is increasingly accepted in the International construction and property sectors as offering best practice in environmental design and management. Over 600 major office buildings have been assessed, and methods also exist for industrial units, retail developments, schools, hospitals, prisons, housing and all other building types.  BREEAM can be applied throughout the building lifecycle, from the design and procurement of new buildings, post construction reviews, the refurbishment of existing buildings, and also ongoing management and operational issues.

With the sustainable development agenda continuing to gain importance, benefits of BREEAM include facilitating planning consent, securing funding, and assisting those with interests in the ongoing operation of buildings including tenants and managers.  Recent research, including the 2005 RICS collaboration report ‘Green Buildings, Growing Assets’, concludes that sustainable features of green buildings can add value to real estate.  BREEAM can also enhance company reputation and demonstrate accordance with Corporate Responsibility commitments.

Optim PM has a team of licensed assessors and accredited professionals covering all BREEAM methods.
We offer ‘Pre-assessment Estimate’ and ‘Preliminary Assessment’ services to enable our clients and their design teams to establish BREEAM requirements at an early stage of the development cycle, thereby allowing the scheme to respond to sustainability challenges and opportunities from the outset.  Our ‘Design Advice’ service can then help design teams achieve a required BREEAM rating as cost effectively as possible, before a ‘Formal BREEAM Assessment’ is undertaken and submitted to the BRE for certification.  Our assessors are able to offer a wide range of BREEAM-related expertise, including ecology, energy, acoustics, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering and materials specification.




We often hear many people find achieving a BREEAM rating a difficult, frustrating and lengthy process. This does not necessarily have to be the case. The following is a list of our top 10 tips for making a BREEAM assessment run smoothly:

  1. Start early and plan ahead
  2. Choose your Assessor wisely
  3. Use your Assessor
  4. Understand and commit
  5. Assign responsibilities
  6. Act promptly
  7. Submit the right information
  8. Submit the information in the right format
  9. Get it right first time
  10. Don’t make assumptions, ask your Assessor

Please see OPTIM PROJECT MANAGEMENT’s experience in BREEAM certification here and get an offer to have your building certified now.