Connect rapidly to the future through Optim Project Management

Connect rapidly to the future through Optim Project Management

Digital connectivity is essential to modern working life. WiredScore ensures that the developments are technologically forward-thinking and ready to attract the next generation of business tenants. Our accredited professionals at Optim Project Management expertly guide developers, building owners and property managers to obtain WiredScore and SmartScore certifications, and thus become part of an exclusive European elite, who has already understood how to connect rapidly to the future.


What is WiredScore?

A global certification and rating system that helps owners, operators, and managers to assess, improve, benchmark, and promote their buildings’ digital connectivity and infrastructure. There are four possible certification levels (Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) that are achieved by meeting a minimum set of requirements and accomplishing a specific number of points to achieve each level.

For New Developments – by optimizing design during the planning and construction of a development, avoid future retrofit costs, attract tenants early, and enhance the building’s reputation.

For Occupied Buildings – helps identify connectivity features worth marketing, making buildings stand out from the crowd, leasing faster, and increasing asset value.

What is measured?

WiredScore focuses on digital connectivity, physical elements of the building and the building infrastructure, through a careful assessment of: resilience, tenant experience, mobile coverage, choice of providers and future readiness.

What are the benefits?

Leasing. Translate complicated telecommunications and engineering language into clear value for owners and tenants.

Asset Management. Gain benchmarking analysis to help guide future-proofing decisions and investments.

Technical Support. Get ahead of the fast-changing and complex tenant technology demands.

Brand & Marketing. Help brand businesses and assets as technologically forward-thinking.


What is SmartScore?

The global certification and rating system for smart buildings from WiredScore. Providing a global benchmarking standard, SmartScore helps bring better clarity and definition for smart buildings, aiding landlords and property owners in achieving buildings that deliver exceptional user experiences, drive cost efficiency, meet high standards of sustainability and are future-proof. There are also four possible certification levels (Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) that are achieved by meeting a minimum set of requirements and accomplishing a specific number of points to achieve each level.

What is measured?

SmartScore was created in collaboration with the owners and users of the world’s most advanced properties. The certification provides clarity on what constitutes a smart building from a User Functionality perspective and guidance on how to implement one from a Technological Foundation standpoint.

User Functionality. Assess and measures a building’s ability to deliver the outcomes across the following categories: individual and collaborative productivity, health and well-being community and services, sustainability, maintenance and operations, safety and security.

Technical Foundation. Assess and measures the building’s technology, processes and procedures across the following categories: tenant digital connectivity, building systems, landlord integration network, governance, cybersecurity, and data sharing.

What are the benefits?

Efficiency. Cost efficiencies created by optimizing the building’s performance.

Sustainability. A sustainable building through a reduced whole-life carbon footprint by using technology to operate the building more efficiently.

Inspiration. An inspirational experience, a workplace that attracts and delights, with flexible and personalized services.

Future-Proof. Future-proof by design and able to adapt to new demands.


What is the certification process?

Audit. Understand the digital infrastructure and connectivity capability of the building or development.

Improve. Receive expert guidance on how to improve the asset.

Submit. Submit a building to WiredScore or SmartScore to begin the process.

Assess. Make an initial assessment of the building.

Advise. Use our expertise to suggest improvements.

Evidence. Gather and submit evidence to achieve certification.

Certify. Align and benchmark the building with one of WiredScore’s or SmartScore’s globally recognized ratings.


From Certified to Platinum, our experts at Optim Project Management help you achieve the desired level of certification for your building by guiding you through the process, managing the application, identifying any gaps, and by providing the design services needed to reach your goals. You will be in good company, as the system is functional in 28 countries, with 900+ clients.

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