Creativity and Innovation in Project Management

Creativity and Innovation in Project Management

Project Management is a task-oriented approach and, in theory, has very little in common with creativity. Aspects like initiation, planning, execution, controlling, and closing of projects are, however, connected with the concept of creativity. Because new, fresh and unique solutions can produce great results and give a competitive edge in the market, being the key to success for any project. And creativity is an integral part of idea generation, centred around original thought and knowledge. Creative ideas are turned into viable solutions through innovation.

Project Management involves both creativity and innovation, and a new different class of Project Managers currently produce unique outputs. At Optim Project Management, we create an environment that values idea generation and create a detailed plan, based on a vision that helps the team envision the outcome with great specificity. Our creative Project Managers carefully analyse the potential risks and provide their teams with the best solutions; they develop an innovative thinking process, improve communication and avoid the setbacks involved by traditional methods.

The well-known mantra of delivering projects “on time, on budget and to the client’s quality aspirations” is not able to reflect at all the complexity of the factors involved in building projects. Our motivated and dynamic teams use creativity and innovation for an approach that produces the optimal results. This new perspective animates our people, fosters teamwork, institutes knowledge-sharing contexts and acts as a sense-maker, translating projects from vision into real buildings.

What we build first of all is the understanding of what the client is attempting to achieve and we adopt a transparent approach to planning and financial information. We build respect and understanding of the creative design process, we uncover goals and objectives and align our vision with our partners. We foster creativity in our projects, and we generate a flow in which our experienced professionals are able to use their know-how as each specific project requires.

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