How can we build better in Romania?

How can we build better in Romania?

Optim Project Management supported the regional conferences organized this month by Romania Construieste and BORO Communication in Timisoara and Cluj, a constructive dialogue whose purpose was to answer the question “How can we build better in Romania?” Developers, architects, systems providers and representatives of non-governmental organizations discussed about the obstacles faced by the construction industry and about the solutions to overcome them, in order to build better.

Several clear conclusions emerged, in terms of:

Challenges to overcome:

  • the need for effective regionalization, as ultra-centralism does not benefit development
  • legislation and standardization
  • major skills and labour shortage in the construction sector
  • the demand for effective partnerships between public and private sectors
  • lack of predictability in development
  • authorization process, reflected in the costs for the end user

Opportunities and solutions:

  • unprecedented public funding opportunities
  • professional administration
  • competitions for solutions regarding the public investments
  • advanced sustainable technical systems available
  • digitization specific to the construction sector
  • openness to dialogue between professional organizations and civil society
  • pro-active administrations
  • cohesion and collaboration between different fields and organizations is needed
  • construction risks must be mitigated through associations and partnerships
  • existing technologies must be assimilated by those working in construction with obvious advantages
  • we are energy rich; we just need to build better

The dialogue will continue in Iasi (May 11) and Craiova (June 9).

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