Is your office fit for Fit-Out?

Is your office fit for Fit-Out?

If you’re thinking about a new office or redesigning your current one, Office Fit-Out is the right subject to investigate. According to a recent study, 88% companies believe their Fit-Outs had a positive impact upon their employees. How can you boost productivity and which are the benefits of such a project – let’s find out from our specialists at Optim Project Management.

  • The term

To fit out means to provide with something, usually for a specific purpose, to equip or to supply what is needed. Office Fit-Out is the process of making a space suitable for occupation, according to the unique needs of a business.

  • When do you need a Fit-Out?

When you lease a new office space, you are usually provided with an empty space and basic finishes. A Fit-Out is essential to make the space ready to move in and fit the specifics of your brand and your employees. Even when you already occupy offices, there are benefits to undergo a Fit-Out in your existing space.

  • Benefits of an Office Fit-Out with Optim Project Management

Proper utilization of space – an efficient layout improves staff productivity and makes the office a desirable location for work. More types of meeting spaces, phone booths, open collaborative spaces to share with colleagues, these are some of the latest reasons to convince people to return to the offices after the long period of working from home.

Increases productivity – your team will be more motivated and will work with more enthusiasm in a space that is both functional and pleasant. Relaxation in creative areas and breaks spent with colleagues in less informal spaces will boost productivity.

Staff retention rates will grow, as the business shows it cares enough for its employees to provide an enjoyable place to work. Retention of personnel is a very important aspect to consider, as people are more willing to move between companies lately.

Higher standards – the expectations in terms of facilities have evolved and wellbeing of staff implies different choices – special lightning, play zones, cafeterias – which would introduce them into the right atmosphere for bringing their best results.

External perception of your company culture – the impressions of its customers and suppliers – can be a differentiator for the parties interested to enter a business. As well as a means of getting to know more about your company culture, in an indirect and informal way.

Use of modern technology – a Fit-Out aligns new technology with new infrastructure required, because technology is permanently advancing and old buildings are not always able to support the right solutions. Audio-video systems for conference calls are the updated solutions to facilitate connection and communication.

Value – a Fit-Out means a strong investment in the future of your business, because all of these benefits are in fact means to increase the value of your company.

  • Our expertise at Optim Project Management

Our Office Fit-Out Management experience provides our customers the right solutions for their specific needs. From a technical point of view, we foresee what problems might appear and we prevent them, through agile planning and hands-on management. We know the long process of getting the authorizations, so we set the calendar accordingly and offer our know-how for the benefit of our clients.

Our experience with the standards every corporation imposes allows us to work from the right mindset and come up with the right solutions for that particular frame. Budgets and cost estimations are tools we use together with our clients, in order to find the right balance between the creative solutions and cost efficiency.

Giving the fact that the office activity has to go on during some of the Fit-Out projects, we always have the back-up solutions for the people to keep working and not interfere in their productivity. And, most importantly, we know very well the risks of the market and we offer solutions in advance.

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