Retrofitting: how landlords can save money and attract tenants

Retrofitting: how landlords can save money and attract tenants

Retrofit. Verb. To furnish something with new modified parts, or with equipment that wasn’t available or considered necessary at the time of construction. To change the structure of a building after its initial construction and occupation. To adapt to a new purpose or need.

80% of the buildings that will exist in 2050 are already built, so there is a global imperative to improve the buildings we already have, and retrofitting is the solution to stay cost-effective. WiredScore is a roadmap for landlords to follow in order to meet occupiers’ needs, driving longer leases and lower vacancy rates. The results are best-in-class offices, built on smart technology, occupants’ wellbeing, sustainability and Grade A office facilities, driving significant future value for investors and occupiers.

Retrofitting is the answer to improving a building’s resilience. We can ensure emissions are reduced, whilst building and retrofitting spaces fosters resilience for the future. It’s become increasingly clear that we are not able to prevent climate change completely, as such, the priority is to create spaces that are resilient to these changes, as well as trying to reduce the rate of change. Resilience applies in terms of the building itself, of the technology within the building and how technology can support the building in being resilient.

Managing workplaces efficiently has become the most important thing that every business needs to do, for both landlords and tenants. There’s a lot more focus on investing in office fit-out and making workspaces a nice place to be in. Occupiers are increasingly expecting a certain level of tech, which means existing buildings need to keep up. Integrating systems is how you make a difference.

Governments around the world have committed to cut their carbon emissions to net zero in less than 30 years, and the vast majority of the real estate that will exist in 2050 have already been built. Smart technologies will be essential for decarbonising the built environment. With WiredScore and SmartScore you can take a building right up to the highest levels of certification very quickly.

Our technology-minded people at Optim Project Management offer you a set of clearly defined goals, of measurable outputs and an entire change management process to embrace, in order to transform your building, making it more intelligent and a more enjoyable and comfortable space. Ultimately, the building will command a higher price per sqm on rental and asset value in the long run.

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