Workplace change management strategy for the highest performance

Workplace change management strategy for the highest performance

“People don’t resist change. They resist being changed.” Peter Senge was right and his quote proves to be perfectly applicable also for the construction industry – as our Optim Project Management specialists confirm, when talking about their experiences in our fit-out projects. The implications of change are numerous and the impact on the psychological level can be major in some cases. On a personal level, this aspect is managed differently by every person, at their own pace, but when companies are involved, the challenging of employees’ comfort zone can lead to a wave of scepticism or even push-back about change and its value. Our change management strategy helps leaders prepare their teams for working in a new environment and minimize productivity loss.

“While we adhere to all the concepts shaping the future of work, our main advantage is the local knowledge of traditions, customs combined with the global understanding of the main trends. Due to our experience with large corporate clients, we understand that while certain directions are quite similar, each individual is unique and we need to quickly assess and determine which of our solutions work best. The deep dive to understanding the users’ specifics brings along the responsibility to provide the teams with the most suitable changes for their environment, that would facilitate their best performances.” – Ioana Priboi, Project Manager

The two major assets of a company – people and space – have to be optimized for the highest results. Employees need to be valued, space have to respond to their specific needs and our careful change management process assures a smooth transition from the old to the new workplace. We build a common vision, through clear communication that uncovers staff concerns and consistent planning, for a working environment that is best fitted for our clients. Because fit-out projects mean tailormade spaces, and in order to be able to build them, we have to find out what those teams need, then to come up with the best solutions to suit them.

The proper environment supports innovation and what we do is to transform a space so that it becomes transformational for the people working there. It begins with a shift in their organizational thinking, towards increased flexibility in their choices, a greater reliance on their teams and a more distributed decision-making. Our workplace change management strategies rely on communication and the anticipated benefits always have an impact on the team members, who are eager to participate in planning their workplace transformation.

“This process leads to building a strong relationship with our clients and satisfaction comes after quite a lengthy process, which is practically based on understanding and negotiation, acceptance and commitment. The client’s vision has to be translated into very grounded terms and several possibilities have to be studied, until the right one is being drawn from our dialogue. That’s how the fit-out projects developed by Optim Project Management increase employees’ performance and ultimately save costs” – Iuliana Belgun, Proposals and Business Development Manager.

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