Architectural Design for Sala Polivalenta Suceava

Architectural Design for Sala Polivalenta Suceava

One of the most interesting aspects of the construction industry is that each project has its own complexity and, even if you are aware of it from the beginning, there will always be new twists and turns along the way. Sala Polivalenta Suceava is one of the projects that involve many challenges and our architectural department is working intensively on developing its design.

With 5,000 seats, a GBA of 42,850 and more than 7,100 sqm green area, the construction encompasses a B+GF+2F building, with two completely equipped sports fields, a medical recovery area, spaces for exhibitions and cultural activities, 6 bowling lanes and a parking area with 715 places. The new investment – European funds – has a value of 30 million Euro and two years execution term.

Optim Project Management finished the infrastructure and superstructure PTh phase within the agreed terms of the contract. The compliance with the security rules for gyms, fire safety regulations, compliance with the requirements of the sports federations (basketball, volleyball, handball) and those regarding the acoustics of the building have been met, as well. The entire project is BIM designed and coordinated: architecture and installations – Revit, structure – Nemetschek. The architectural design phases will continue with the coordination of architecture-structure installations.

Due to our extensive experience, Optim Project Management team understands the challenges and develops the best solutions for every project, performing up to the clients’expectations. We provide full architectural, MEP and structural design services for civil and industrial buildings, covering all the design stages, from permitting and authorization process (PUZ, Concept, DTAC), through to PTh and DDE phases.

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